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Every morning somewhere in Africa, a deer wakes up knowing that it must run faster than the fastest lion, otherwise it will die. Meanwhile, a lion wakes up, knowing that it too, has to at least catch the slowest deer, otherwise it will die starving. So it really doesn't matter who you are - a lion or a deer - when the Sun has risen, you should already be running."
Think Deep :)
  1. There is no second best, be the very best on what you do.
  2. Always trust people since you gain more than you lose if you do not trust them.
  3. The human problem is best person can be change to a bad person in a second based on their situation so never relay on anyone even your closest, like your spouse.
  4. Always do the best you can do in your job or what ever you do. dos not matter if some one appreciate it or not or they see it or not. because when you do not do it then they notice that you were doing it. plus you win much more if you do it the best.
  5. If it dos not bring you pleasure, money or knowledge it is not worth doing it.
  6. I love my passionate life and vodka, there are so many things if you want to enjoy your life, but like everything else you need to want it so bad.
  7. Money is so good and bring happiness some people say it dose not but I say it defiantly dose, I tried it by myself.
  8. If you work from 5AM to 10PM every day but taking a good vacation every few months for extra work you did. it totally worth it.
  9. Life has so much beauty next to you you just need to discover it and willing to take challenge, risks even most craziest risks even if you lose still it is worth it.
  10. Love is so beautiful, the most.
  11. Don't judge your own life or future by what you see from others, people are different so are you. (SH)
  12. It is not what you leave for your children it is what you leave in them. (Les Brown)
  13. Life is so fucking unfair, enjoy what it has left for you. (SH)
  14. Love is simple, it is easy, it is easy to find, it is easy to keep, it is just as easy lose, find it where there is no reason, keep it, with a great care. then you will never lose it.(Malar)


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